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Vicksit Mehta

(Creative Director of Arvind Wovens)

A practicing Nichiren Buddhist and lover of all things vintage, I became a part of the wovens business of Arvind Ltd in 2006. Today I’m fortunate to be the Creative Director of Arvind Wovens. Through the years I have seen multiple business cycles, each experience leaving me with a novel learning. In fact, I’ve used these learnings in collaboration with my international exposure and experience, to create a range of unbeatable product offerings for the global market. My biggest challenge when I came aboard was to bring the international creative culture and infuse it with our business. For me Arvind has been a canvas where I’ve found the freedom to explore design avenues, with disciplined boundaries.


As a leader, I’ve taken upon myself to stitch together collaborative efforts of my team and create products that speak to the consumer. And as someone who has made his way up through hard work, curiosity and perseverance, I advocate the importance of the "grunt work" as an integral part of the process for young people. I believe that it doesn't just help one understand the business and the processes more intricately, but also helps in learning team building and collaboration. 

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