In India, healthcare is often beyond the reach of the poor. A fast-growing population, changing disease profile, multi-layered healthcare system, paucity of medical personnel and awareness and inaccessibility of quality healthcare services at an affordable cost are some of the challenges the underprivileged face today.

  • Background

    Considering the lack of facilities for credible, affordable and quality primary healthcare in Ahmedabad, Arvind Limited has planned to establish Arvind Medical Centers in Association with Swasth India Foundation. Swasth India Foundation is a social enterprise working to provide quality healthcare for all and is Mumbai's largest non-governmental provider of primary healthcare and dental care.

The Swasth Model sets up Health Centers that provide a range of quality services under one roof. These include:
  • Doctor (consultation)
  • Basic diagnostic tests
  • Quality medicines
  • Dental Care and
  • Day Care when required

Arvind is in the process of setting up three such health centers on a pilot basis. Once the performance of this pilot scheme is assessed, another ten health centers will be rolled out.

Each Center is expected to serve about 10,000 – 12,000 patients every year. The model will cost a patient about Rs 100 with three days’ medicines, which is about one-third of what they currently spend.

Three such centers are operational and few more are on way.

Slum Rehabilitation
Empowering Tribal Women

Gyanda is Arvind’s flagship programme in the field of education. It is a unique supplementary education model designed for primary, secondary and higher secondary school-going children studying in Municipal Schools. It prevents these children from dropping out and helps them complete their basic education from standard V to XII, while focusing on improving their academic performance and overall personality development.


Arvind undertook another initiative in association with Swasth India Foundation to launch Arvind Medical Centres to provide quality healthcare services such as Doctor Consultations, Basic Diagnosis, Quality medicines, Dental Care Services, etc. at affordable costs to the underprivileged section of the society.


Established in association with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, this 1996 CSR project was envisioned to provide safer, better-built and comfortable houses to the slum dwellers of Sanjay Nagar and majestically transformed the slums of Sanjay Nagar into modern homes and upscale towers.


Women, educated upto class XII are chosen on the basis of their aptitude, Health conditions, dexterity, etc. and all their basic needs are taken care of by the company while they pursue higher education. Also known as CSR in Spirit, this unique residential programme aims at educating tribal women in order to make them self-reliant.

Fashioning Possibilities

Fashioning a better tomorrow